Simulated Reality

Better living through it than just talking about it

At our signature leadership simulations, participants live through and reflect situations which run parallel to their professional lives. They do so by assuming management positions in a virtual firm. Typically, this ‘company’ will then pass through significant change and confronts a series of unexpected situations – and its leaders live through and shape the challenges which result from that.

“Sim’O’Lab”, as we call this fusion of traditional business simulations and organisational laboratories, gives participants ample opportunity to

– prove their leadership skills on the „big screen“
– explore their personal impact on complex systems
– proactively deal with disruption and massive change, and
– flexibly adapt to a variety of roles.

After many years of designing and conducting Sim’O’Labs, we have a rich stock of virtual companies from which we can draw. However, you shouldn’t miss the chance to customize a Sim’O’Lab to make it reflect precisely the challenges your firm faces and the leadership practice you want to find in your company.

Technical Data and Examples
Simulations can last from ½ to several days. They work for 6 up to 50 participants.
Among the virtual organizations we have created are …
…  a traditional tires produces which becomes agile
…  a camera producer which merges with a sound solutions provider
…  a British and an Argentinian research team in Antarctica
…  a mafia family, a city council, a space shuttle architect, and many others

Joe Orow
Head of Daimler Corporate Academy
North America Region
Daimler AG
“Working with Stefan for several years I find him to be an exceptional and flexible facilitator and instructional designer to brilliantly bring together a leadership  experience and reflection for executives through a simulation designed for our currently complex and changing  business environment.”