Standard Business Terms

  • Accommodation, food and travel costs (beyond Vienna metropolitan area) of our consultants are covered by the client as they arise in the execution of the clients’ projects.
  • Travel costs are calculated following the official mileage allowance (€ 0,42) or as they arise (e.g. flight tickets).
  • All prices mentioned in our proposals and offers are net of VAT.
  • Our invoices are due 4 weeks after issuance.
  • Please respect intellectual property rights: programs, handouts and other material must only be used within the client company. Copying material requires written permission.
  • In case of cancellation, we charge 50% of convened fees when cancellation happens between 7 and 30 days before the accorded first day of any measure. We charge 100% when cancellation happens less than  7 days before the accorded first day.
  • Investment offers remain valid for 2 months after issuance.