Developing Leaders

“Why should anybody be led by you?“

Is there a future for management? for leadership?

Today, technology gives us many options for self-organization – and once these are available and working, how much will we still need some persons organizing others?

Today, this question is wide open. We simply haven’t figured out how our organizations might look in a few years’ time. When in this environment you opt for a leader’s career, assume that your role might develop over time, and in some organizations, you will be require to change your leadership style … several times a day. You might swap between being a coach, a drill sergeant, a fortune-teller, a network hub, a prospector, and many more, all the time.

For this, you need a stable core. In a leadership seminar, program, simulation or game, you will have our support to discover your personality, develop your personality, and deploy your personality to the challenges at hand. We will aim at getting you to the core of what makes you a leader – and right in front of your internal challenges, organizational dilemmas, and underlying questions. 4 C’s, 6 P’s, 8 steps, S.M.A.R.T. or other frameworks&models might be helpful here and there, but overall, we will probably find what really helps will be as unique as your organization is, and as individual as you are as a person.

To master this challenge, we have developed what we call “3rd Generation Training” (see presentation in German) development programs that attain objectives important to the company, use the group as primary learning body, and focus on the individuals present, one by one.

Angelika Mascherbauer
People & Organizational Development Manager

Brau Union Austria AG, part of the Heineken Company
I appreciate Stefan Doblhofer as a consultant for his professional and convincing presence, backed up by in-depth knowledge and a broad background of experience, and also as an empathic, warm-hearted and humorous person. He is conducting our Middle Manager Program with high competence, experience, a clear view and the the right amount of intuition. The feedback of our managers has always been more than positive.