Stefan Doblhofer

International Leadership





International Leadership provides consulting, facilitation, training and coaching. We focus on fast change and agility, organizational and leadership development as well as innovation.

Our founder Stefan Doblhofer is also a restless creator of simulations and management games, a university fellow (Warwick/UK and Graz/Austria) and frequent writer on management and leadership topics. He works all over Europe, in the US and in East Asia, and sometimes also in Latin America and Africa.

International Leaderships frequently works on larger projects involving several consultants. Drawing on his network from his time with Austria‘s leading management institute, Stefan mobilizes a number of experienced colleagues whenever the assignment at hand demands it.

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Selected publications:
Article “Allianzen fordern das Mittlere Management heraus” (German), Springer Professional, 2016
– Article “Welcome to 20org20” (German), from: Hernsteiner 1/2016
Chapter “Gläsern macht glücklich” (German), from: Management – Die wichtigsten Theorien im Praxischeck, 2014
– Article “Einfach schnell ausprobieren” (German), from: Hernsteiner 1/2014
– Article “Patchwork Organisation” (German), from: Hernsteiner 1/2012
– Article “Management in Zeiten von Pest und Cholera” (German), from: Hernsteiner 3/2009

Stefan‘s entertaining take on the most popular, the most over-estimated, and the most outrageous management theories. An easy read with a promise: this will allow you to thoughtfully nod your head the next time some wisecrack begins sharing some really smart insights about management …