Leading Innovation

Training your eyes on the future





What does it take to make sure your area of responsibility will change as fast as the world around you? That it will read the signs, respond in time? It takes just a few years to go from market leader to falling hopelessly behind. How will you avoid that?

Several years of teaching Innovation in the SPP Program of Warwick University‘s WMG have provided us with a wide array of valuable insight and practical experience at changing the way companies look outside and into the future. We love to take this knowledge and to put it to work.

Some of this work is methodical (Prototyping, Design Thinking, etc.), some of it revolves around the handling of risk and mistakes. And then, there is the eternal play between courage, career and organizational rivalry.

How will you make sure your organization prepares for the future?

Article “Einfach schnell ausprobieren“ (German), from: Hernsteiner 1/2014