Enhancing Organizations

Feel the DNA. Read the horizon. Then, step by step, start the expedition

Showing customers more interest and care. Being there faster. Achieving more output with less input.
Rekindling the spirit that had helped building it all. Transforming internal friction into respectful
rivalry. Joining forces with another firm. Learning to live with a new structure (every year). Integrating
scrum, design thinking, and other agile practice.

At International Leadership, we marvel at the variety of endeavors our clients entrust us to accompany, structure, and help succeed.

How do we make a difference? Striving for clarity when identifying the unique challenge; for participation of the affected when planning interventions; by getting feedback whenever we can, and by insisting on coherence in execution.

Among the projects we remember most (for a variety of reasons …) are

– integrating a small insurance company into a much bigger one
– re-establishing customer centricity in an European airline
– giving the national center of a NGO the organizational weight it needed
– reorganizing a big social service provider from scratch
– rolling out the the “Spirit” in a major TelCom
– spinning off a service unit from a major automotive corporation

… and of course, establishing ‘agile islands’ in a number of big corporate players.

Dr. Andreas Jenne
Serial Entrepreneur

Stefan accompanied New Oncology – a diagnostics company in the field of personalized cancer medicine – from the startup phase up to the integration into one of the biggest German global corporations. As he is very familiar with the dynamics of these two different organizational models, he prepared us very well for the challenges ahead, even before we experienced them. Over several years, we have cooperated with Stefan in a close, trustful, and successful way. For helping shape our entrepreneurial success, I thank him from my heart.