The Fluid Environment Leadership Game





When things move fast, leaders need to adapt their skill set – and their attitude – to still establish a sense of purpose and direction. As the challenges are unforeseeable, practice is the best preparation.

In this game, we combine a number of interlinked tasks to tell the story of a company that sells complex (‘intuitive encryption’) products to its clients. As they scramble to sell, their customers – but also their own leaders – constantly change demands and priorities. Will they understand the complex challenge, and will they be successful?

The Encripticon Game is fast-moving, fluid and fun. Sophisticated customers, competing leaders, frequent market shifts and internal discussions need to be dealt with in real time. Measurable results give a clear feedback. And the simple goal of getting better in the next round keeps players motivated and energized.

Prep meetings, freezes and debriefs add elements of reflection to the game. And after each game round, players transfer the insights to their real-life environment.

This is a game – but playing it will enhance the players’ abilities to lead in a fluid environment.



Presentation Encripticon Game
Technical Data
6 to 12 participants
1 seminar room
Duration: 1 day version or 1,5 day version available
Played in English or German
When conducted by several groups in parallel, ENCRIPTICON becomes a competition, awards included! We can play up to 4 groups in parallel.