Facilitation & Building Teams

Moving Teams from A to B

Good facilitation helps a group achieve what their conversations otherwise wouldn’t. Facilitation gives a conversation a structure – just as much as it needs to become focused on the outcome, appreciative between group members, and relevant enough to create commitment.

How much structure that is, and which methods contribute to creating this structure, depends on the group and its culture.

At International Leadership, we believe in ‘minimum-invasive’ facilitation: just as much as it needs, without suffocating the conversation in formalism, excessive card-writing, endless reporting back from breakout rooms etc. And we know that a certain tension between seriousness and levity helps most groups achieve their goals better. Yes, retreats may be fun!

We have ample experience with teams in all their shapes and forms, events of all sizes – and special challenges as described in the article to the right.

Article “Alliances challenge middle managers“ (German), from: Springer Professional 5/2016